Specialising in Micropigmentation, Training and Equipment

Micropigmentation also known as Semi-Permanent make up, Permanent make up or Cosmetic tattooing is a revolutionary method of applying pigment into the dermal layer of skin.

The Academy of Micropigmentation provides a professional, high standard of treatment and a progressive, training program in both Basic and Advanced Micropigmentation/Permanent Make Up.

In today's hectic lifestyles it can be difficult in scheduling courses therefore our courses are custom designed to suit the individual student.

MaryLee conducts all courses. She is highly qualified and well respected in the field of Permanent Make Up. MaryLee believes the level of professionalism in the industry of Permanent Make Up must remain high therefore the course is structured around this policy. Courses include theory of the skin, colour as well as hands on practical work.

A large number of people are already benefiting from Permanent Make Up. Imagine not having to worry each morning about drawing on your eyebrows correctly, or covering that unwanted scar. With Permentn Make Up / Micropigmentation eyebrows can be created, scars can be camouflaged or women who have had breast reconstructive surgery can have the areola/nipple created. People's image of themselves is very important and knowing there are procedures available to help can be a great comfort and give confidence back to deal with other issues in life.

The procedures are safe and strict hygiene is always maintained.

For further information either to discuss a procedure or to learn this art please contact MaryLee on either 020 7536 9868 or 07768 602847, e-mail: